Public space                  DAVID WRIGHT ARCHITECTS

ABOVE: Racecouse and housing masterplan

ABOVE LEFT: plan of Linear Park proposal

BELOW LEFT: Initial sketch indicating uses and movement vertically of building retrofit.

BELOW: Computter generated model



This is a proposal to create a much needed green lung in the city. It would push back the boundary of Dublin Ports’ introverted boundary wall to create a linear park linking the River Liffey & Clontarf Estuary. It would benefit local apartment dwellers, office workers but also reinforce a positive impression of the city on tourists arriving by cruise ship or via the port tunnel whom currently have a bleak semi industrial wasteland to admire.


During the long gone economic boom a sharp increase in land prices made it more viable (only considering purely economic factors) to demolish existing buildings and redevelop. The new economic reality is that we will have to covert much of our existing building fabric to make it fit for modern use. Collaborating with students in 4th year Architectural Technology, Bolton Street we redesigned a 1960’s building.

We considered not only the thermal performance, aesthetic appeal of the existing building but added new elements to create an improved public realm for safer public interaction. 

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