Our practice has an interest not only in the design of buildings but in place making, from the space left behind - whether a private sun trap in a garden or the relationship of a building to the street edge. The social dimension in creation of public realm is often ill considered and should be given greater priority.

the Parlour OUTSIDE the 02 DUBLIN. David Wright Architects and Derek Murphy Architects jointly designed and were shortlisted in a 2009 architectural competition for a new public space adjoining the O2. The design concept is to create an ‘Urban Living Room’. The aim is to provide the intimacy of living room surroundings at the scale of a public space.

The two main containment elements to the Parlour Square comprise the stage to the Eastern edge and the Portal/ gateway as a counterpoint on the Western edge. These elements are constructed from structural bamboo which is renewable and particularly suitable for the application of temporary structures. During night-time events, the tall and elegant bamboo structure of the portal/ gateway acts as both a visual focal point and landmark as viewed from a distance. This element is also designed to pivot and when inclined provides daytime sunshade to areas of the square.

During the day-time, the surface of the Parlour square is populated by individual sliding mats of various surface finishes combined with perspex light tables, which slide out from within the base of the stage element. These accommodate the scale of more intimate human activities such as sitting, talking, reading and observing.

The delivery and erection of the design elements is intended to become an Event in itself. This opening event would serve as an attraction for visitors and would instantly put ‘The Parlour’ on the map.



Concept model

Day time activity


Mayor St approach

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