SAMPLE PROJECT SELECTOR: Our design response varies with context and client wishes. We do not have a predetermined style. Just as no two clients are the same, no two designs are the same and a close working relationship with us fine tunes each design to achieve the best outcome for the end users. See sample selected projects below, from homes inspired by tradition to modern living incorporating the most up to date technologies. Click on the white text below for links to these projects or on other features at the top of this page. All images are copyright David Wright Architects unless otherwise stated.

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APPROACH:  We develop the design by listening to and understanding the needs of the users of the finished building.  We want to know how you live or work by listening first. This allows us to investigate alternative solutions to get the most out of the brief. We will guide you through the design process allowing you to make informed decisions. We aim to create timeless architecture, comfortable buildings that are based upon functional and beautiful design that considers how the spaces will perform & feel. We believe that architects have an important role not only in shaping the environment but can have a significant role in a sustainable future.

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RETAIL:  We created a prototype pod for Mc Cabes pharmacy to create a private consultation space. It was designed to be made off site in three Solid Suface sections and assembled in the shop overnight.

INSPIRATION: The inspiration  for the pod design below came from a tired jewellery box (left) with layered segments to allow easy assembly. A flush glowing logo was incorporated into the front.