Homes 3                 DAVID WRIGHT ARCHITECTS              

Courtyard House: This project was the total renovation of a terraced house in a poor state of repair with a new living/ kitchen forming the largest space of the new construction to the rear.

Natural light to all rooms informs the design. The existing house has been remodeled to include a downstairs bedroom opening onto an internal courtyard for light and privacy. High ceiling heights allow walls on the ground floor act as screens stopping above eye level with high level glazing above to utilise borrowed light.

A series of bespoke dog leg laminated beams create a dramatic rhythm on the ceiling of the open plan space.  High levels of insulation, a stone floor with a high thermal mass and underfloor heating have been incorporated.

Rainwater harvesting was used in this project with underground tanks storing rainwater from the roofs - to be used for flushing toilets. For further information on sustainable issues click on Environment below,

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TOP LEFT: Computer model of back elevation and photo of completed.

TOP MIDDLE: Renovated hall with oak joinery

TOP RIGHT: New bathroom with mosiac tile design

LEFT: Dining area

ABOVE: Photo of kitchen / living space with design stage

computer model of this space.

LEFT: Computer model of courtyard viewed from bedroom

BELOW; Sketch proposal that developed into final design